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Our Mission

The Texas Horn is an award-winning conservative publication that aspires to advance conservative principles and ideas to all students at The University of Texas at Austin. Read here what we hope to accomplish.

Purpose & Values

The Texas Horn is categorically committed to free and civil discussion on campus. Our ideas defy the common political orthodoxy that has captured nearly all of American academia for decades. Our goal is to serve the students at The University of Texas at Austin with unbiased news and thoughtful conservative opinion. We adamantly defend the truth and are confident that we can provide a rich and lively contribution to the debates roiling our university, state, and nation. If you are open to new ideas and well-informed views, then The Texas Horn is the right publication for you.

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Editor-In-Chief │Ethan Xu

Editor │ Even Vega

The Founders of The Texas Horn

Former Editor-In-ChiefChris Schlak

Former Editor-In-ChiefCharles Jackson Paul


The Young Conservatives of Texas: John Parker Award for Journalism, 2024

Intercollegiate Studies Institute: Best New Media of 2021